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Thinking of switching your current care provider?

Our team is highly specialised in completing the necessary documentation to facilitate your transfer from one provider to another.

We work with individual clients to support transfers from care providers and ensure that the process is always seamless and professional.

Switching your care provider can be the result of many considerations such as your current experience being generalised, not personalised or the level of care and compassion at your current provider not aligning with your needs. Independence Care believes that clients should be empowered to reflect on their current services and have the support they need to transfer their care should the require.

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How It Works.

Independence Care have refined their care process within each key detail and step to ensure that each client is supported individually and comprehensively throughout their care journey. Typically care establishments have a duration of three weeks which variably reflect the process below.

Week 1

Discovering Your Needs – Learning about your unique social and clinical requirements.
Assessing Staffing Gaps – Analysing the current roster to identify areas where recruitment is necessary.
Recruiting New Staff – Initiating the recruitment process through advertising and other means.
Creating a Care Plan – Collaborating with you and our Clinical Coordinator to develop a tailored care plan.
Retaining Valued Staff – Identifying staff members you would like to retain and developing strategies to support their continued employment.
Establishing a Start Date – Confirming a mutually agreed-upon date for new staff members to begin their roles.

Week 2

Participating in Staff Selection – Joining the selection process for the new team.
Welcoming New Staff – Arranging meet and greet sessions with new team members.
Assisting Staff Transition – Providing registration packs to the retained staff to facilitate a smooth transition.
Collaborating with Allied Health Team – Working with the current allied health team to educate new staff members about clients’ needs.
Organising Training and Mentorship – Scheduling on-the-job training and buddy shifts for the third week of employment.

Week 3

Employee Training – Covering topics such as manual handling, care plans, and client- specific induction.
Roster Planning – Developing the roster for two weeks prior to the roster cycle commencing. This enhances planning and stability.
Buddy Shifts – Scheduling buddy shifts to provide new staff with support during their first shifts.
Team Meeting – Convening a meeting with the Independence Care team to finalise the transition plan.
Service Commencement – Beginning the provision of full care and support services with Independence Care.
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Personalised Care Review

Following the initial establishment phase the team at Independence Care will meet with you to review your experience, and obtain feedback about your care to make necessary adjustments to your care plan.

Collaborative Feedback

This feedback is relevant to the care you experience in addition to the staff that are entrusted with working with you. Following the feedback, our team will collaborate with all relevant parties to adjust and tweak the individual care program and ensure your absolute satisfaction. Client satisfaction is the utmost priority to Independence Care as we work with you.

Tailored Adjustments

If you are concerned about lapses in care as you change your care provider, be assured that our specialised team has experience in coordinating transfers with elite expertise to ensure that lapses in even the most complex or 24/7 care will refrain from occurring.

If you have any questions regarding transferring your care please feel welcome to contact us through phone or email